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Grant Writing FAQs

What types of support can the OIE grants office provide?
We can help with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, researching potential funders, proofreading, editing, providing feedback on drafts, interpreting guidelines, managing proposal development, creating budgets, and assisting with other submission requirements specific to the opportunity.  

Who writes the proposals?
Grant project leaders are experts on the project information and asked to draft the initial proposal.  OIE's director of grants may be able to edit and write portions of the proposal.  

Why should I meet with the director of grants first?
The meeting is an opportunity to identify which tasks need to be completed for the submission and what kinds of support you will need. Talking it through with someone helps clarify the focus and may lead to additional resources you didn’t know about.  A project planning template (also available on the website) can help you organize the work and meet deadlines.

Why do I need permission to pursue a grant? 
We want to help you, not discourage you. Your vice president simply needs to confirm that your initiative fits with the University’s mission and goals. Next, OIE needs to be notified through the Early Notification Form to make sure that you’re not approaching a funder with whom the University has another pending proposal. OIE also is responsible for keeping track of all MU grant proposals. 

Finally, your vice president must approve any grant request for less than $100,000 and the president must approve any grant request for $100,000 or more. This simply confirms that Manchester can deliver on what is promised in the grant proposal. 

I have an idea for a project, but how do I find funding? 
If there’s a project you’d like to do involving research, service, community outreach or some other initiative that benefits our students, e-mail or call Paige Krouse at ext. 5436.

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