Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA) Fall 2017

Values, Ideas and the Arts presentations enhance the Manchester Core program in the liberal arts through cultural exposure, artistic experience and intellectual enrichment. VIA features speakers, musicians and dramatic performers from the University community, across the country and around the globe. Manchester students earn academic credit through attendance. Members of the University community and the public are also invited to attend all VIA events. All events are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

The goals of the VIA program are to:

  • broaden students' cultural experiences,
  • enrich students intellectually and aesthetically,
  • provide opportunities to experience the arts,
  • promote dialogue about ideas and values, and
  • embody in its programs the values expressed in the University Mission.

Students are required to arrive on time and remain for the entire program to receive VIA credit. Events last approximately one hour unless noted otherwise.

Fall 2017

Be sure to check this schedule often for new VIA events and fuller descriptions that will be added.

Opening Convocation
Tuesday, Aug. 29

3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
President Dave McFaddenThis is Who We Are
President Dave McFadden offers the Opening Convocation, with a focus on Manchester University's legacy of peace and justice and how that relates to being our best selves. This is the first of many events throughout the academic year that will celebrate MU's connection to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Ours was the final campus to host King as a speaker before he was slain in 1968. He spoke at Manchester on Feb. 1, 1968.

Tuesday, Sept. 5
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Program is 1 hour, 10 minutes long.
Keeping Faith: Sisters of Story
Presenters are Kim Schultz, Rohina Malik and Susan Stone. These exceptional storytellers share stories from their own faiths – Christian, Jewish and Muslim – to transcend differences through shared belief in the power of compassion. 

Thursday, Sept. 7
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Program is 2 hours long.
Manchester's Vietnam War
A collaboration between Manchester University and PBS 39, this event includes a special preview screening of one episode of "The Vietnam War," a 10-part, 18-hour documentary from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Following the screening, a panel with veteran Mike Krause, draft resistor Bob Gross and David Waas, MU professor emeritus of history, will speak about their experiences during the war, followed by Q&A.

Thursday, Sept. 14
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
The Conundrum of Campus Conflict
Theresa Onderko, director of the Education for Conflict Resolution-MU collaboration, and MU students trained in conflict resolution will lead a live (mock) conflict, followed by an overview of key causes of conflict and discussion about how to deal with conflict. When managed constructively, conflict is one of the driving forces behind change, growth and transformation.

Constitution Day
Sunday, Sept. 17

7 p.m.
Jo Young Switzer Center, upper level
The Federalist Society and the Supreme Court
Attorney Jonathan Watson discusses the history and philosophy of the Federalist Society – focusing on such concepts as separation of powers, federalism, judicial restraint and constitutional interpretation (textualism/originalism). Through an examination of the Constitution’s Appointments Clause, learn about how understanding those concepts can help one fathom controversies surrounding the judicial nominations of Merrick Garland and Neil Gorsuch.

Monday, Sept. 25
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Trashed: A True Story
Wendi Fox is an “anti-lecture artist” who works toward preventing drug and alcohol abuse through awareness. Her responsibility campaign focuses on inspiring students  to “find something in life they love more than getting drunk.”

Thursday, Sept. 28
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Program is 2 hours, 15 minutes long.
Screening of the award-winning 2016 film, followed by discussion. The film features themes related to love, identity, family, sexuality, gender, race and class. It includes profound, humane exploration of the lives of LGBTQ people of color. Jillian "Jay" Watts, director of the new CARE Initiative at MU, will introduce the film.

Thursday, Oct. 5
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Quraca Nabadda: The Tree of Peace - Trauma-informed Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism: Case Studies from Somalia and Kenya
1994 Manchester alumna Angi Yoder-Maina is the presenter. Program will include two videos that highlight on-the ground programming.

Sunday, Oct. 8
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
#OMG Relationships aren’t often picture-perfect. It’s time for us to talk seriously about healthy relationships and the gray areas in between. Join Jay Watts, director of the MU CARE Initiative & the CARE Peer Educators in a community dialogue about relationships, experiences and the quest for authenticity in the Social Media Fantasy World.

Career Expo
Thursday, Oct. 12

7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Ryan JenkinsNext Generation Success: Becoming a 21st Century Professional
An internationally recognized expert in teaching companies how to engage, lead and market to emerging generations is coming to Manchester University to assist students in developing their own career paths and workplace competencies.
Ryan Jenkins is a respected author and blogger on generational differences and how they affect all aspects of life. This includes communication and leadership styles, values, personal and professional goals, as well as underlying philosophies concerning work. 
This event is required for all first-year students but open to all.

Manchester Symphony Orchestra
Monday, Oct. 16

7:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
A Family Affair
Original composition by Dr. Debra Lynn, based on letters of a Union soldier's family during the Civil War. Full description in works.

Thursday, Oct. 26
7:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
(Program is one hour, 15 minutes.)
Fort Wayne Ballet: Traditions, Tributes & Tambourines
The Fort Wayne Ballet has designed a program for Manchester University with modern, innovative works, as well as treasured classics in the world of ballet.

Tuesday, Nov. 14
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
The Politics of Flags: A Sabbatical Journey 
Professor Beate Gilliar will discuss her research on flags and the construction of national identity, as well as share highlights of her sabbatical journey, including the use of both writing and painting to find focus in her work.