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  • At Manchester University, we believe that music makes an enormous contribution to the quality of human life. The study of music and of the fine arts is an integral part of a liberal arts education. All Manchester students are exposed to the fine arts.

    Manchester offers programs of study in music education, applied music, music theory/composition and general music. All programs emphasize excellence in performance and the importance of encouraging others to participate in and appreciate many types of music. The 26-hour music minor affords students the ability to combine music study with other majors.

    The music department offers scholarships to all Manchester students interested in participating in one or more of our ensembles on campus. To audition for a scholarship you can contact our music department chair, Dr. Tim Reed or you can attend one of our Music at Manchester weekends. For further information about scholarships and auditioning into our program please check out our audition requirements

    For further information about our Music at Manchester weekends please check out a full description of what is offered during these weekends here.

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