Graduation with Honors


To graduate with distinction, a candidate for the bachelor's degree must have completed a minimum of 96 semester hours in residence at Manchester University and accumulated a grade point average that falls in the ranges outlined below. Graduation with honors is determined using the cumulative grade point average when all graduation requirements are complete. At the commencement ceremony, the University recognizes students who met the requirement for graduation with honors at the end of the 2017 January session. Final determination for graduation with honors will be made when all work is completed.

summa cum laude 3.950-4.000
magna cum laude 3.850-3.949
cum laude 3.650-3.849

The Honors Diploma
The Honors Diploma is awarded to seniors who have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.5, completed fifteen semester hours of Honors coursework, and successfully completed an individualized Honors Project of no less than three additional semester hours.