SSP:  Student Success Program

The Student Success Program is an invitation-only program that offers first year students the foundations for student success at Manchester University.  This program is designed to support students’ transition to college-level classes, get them started on a sound footing, and help them realize their academic potential at Manchester. SSP instructors serve as secondary academic advisors for all students enrolled in SSP for the fall semester.  

As participants in SSP, students: 

  • Take a College Seminar course designed to help in the transition from high school to college, which focuses on study skills, time management, and college expectations
  • Take a Writing Lab course to help develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills
  • Participate in study groups and supplemental study sessions
  • Complete a FERPA release form allowing SSP staff to communicate with parents or guardians
  • Have extra support navigating the full range of student support services and resources that Manchester provides