Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences


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The biology-chemistry major prepares students who are interested in a variety of health care careers, pure science research and bachelor’s degree level employment directly after graduating. While most students enter the program with intentions to pursue medicine and pharmacy, the major prepares students for admission to an array of health care professional schools, including: medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, veterinary sciences, chiropractic, physician assistant and physical therapy. Additionally, with this major students can gain admission to master’s and doctoral programs in chemistry and biology.

Manchester’s program is rigorous academically, but faculty mentoring and small class sizes help students acquire a deeper understanding of subject matter. Academic and career path advising come from faculty who genuinely care about your success. And Manchester’s strong liberal arts core will help you become a well-rounded scholar.

Manchester’s distinguished reputation in the sciences and unique experiential learning opportunities, such as our Medical Practicum and the opportunity to shadow health care professionals, will give you a competitive edge when applying for graduate school and on your resume. That’s why more than 95 percent of MU applicants gain admission into medical school – far above the national average of 45 percent.