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Kenapocomoco Coalition

Kenapocomoco Coalition is an informal group of students who meet on Monday evenings to discuss social, environmental, political and other issues of conscience, share announcements and plan action. Guest speakers, videos, debates and discussions center on campus, national and trans-national topics. The coalition is organized through the peace studies and conflict resolution program at Manchester. Participants work closely with the Univeristy chapter of Amnesty International, Manchester University Environmental Group and the local Fellowship of Reconciliation in North Manchester. There is no formal membership in Kenapoc (pronounced “Keenapoke”). Meetings are held on Monday evenings, 9 p.m., at 702 E. Ninth St. (Ninth and Ruse, just two blocks from campus). Programs are listed monthly in the Kenapocomoco Newsnotes, distributed to students on request, and posted on the information board at A216. Contact may be made through the Peace Studies Office, located in the Administration Building, room 216.

For more information contact:

Advisor: Katy Gray Brown at OR
Student President: Teghan Hammond at