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Manchester University Athletic Training Club (MUATC)

The Manchester University Athletic Training Club mission is to engage student
involvement in athletic training through meetings, seminars, study sessions, field trips, and guest speakers to allow as much exposure and information about the world of athletic training as possible.

The Manchester University Athletic Training Club exists to bring those in the athletic training major into closer relationship with each other, to aid future athletic trainers in developing their careers, to develop leadership, and to secure public awareness in and support of athletic training. Any Manchester University student who is interested in or preparing for an athletic training profession is eligible for membership.

The executive committee consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and Student Senate representative. Officers serve one-year terms. A minimum of six meetings of the MUATC occur within an academic year. For more information, contact MUATC advisors Professor Jeff Beer (x5381), Erin Foreman (x5945), or Zach Dougal (x5124)

MUATC events are scheduled to allow for off campus speakers to interact with our athletic training students, fun competitive game nights, Halloween parties, Homecoming BBQ, Christmas Party, etc. These events are meant to bring our students together for social interaction, guest speaker knowlege and to network with medical professionals. Some past events are listed below

Past MUATC Events:

1. Game Night: A getting to know you at the beginning of the year

2. Guest Speakers (topics): internships, graduate school, functional rehabilitation, student involvement at different levels (NATA, IATA, GLATA).

3. Bowling Events

4. Alumni Homecoming BBQ

5. Halloween and Christmas Parties

6. MUATC vs. SHAPE Club: Sharbade

For more information contact:

Advisor: Erin Foreman at OR
Student President: RJ Wilson at