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Spartan Swim Club

Whether you are wanting to workout, play water volleyball, or just sit in the hot tub, the Spartan Swim Club is for everyone! The Spartan Swim Club is all about what you want to do! Below are all of the activities you can do at our weekly meetings:

  • Join instructed swim workouts, swim lessons and swim techniques,
  • Play swimming games, such as water volleyball, sharks and minnows and many more,
  • Use the Strayss-Peabody Aquatic and Fitness Center facilities, including: a thereapy pool, lap pool, steam room, sauna, waterslide, hot tub, diving board and gym,
  • Pay a special rate for the facilties as a Manchester University student, and
  • Continue unlimited use of the facilties outside of meeting time.

For more information contact:

Student President: Kalie Lastagarkov at