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Worker's Compensation Reporting/Referral Policy

Manchester University provides employees injured by work related accidents or occupational diseases with medical treatment for such injury and/or disease. The University complies with the laws and rules of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana. Employees have certain responsibilities as well. Employees who do not comply with the following guidelines can jeopardize their right to receive workers compensation benefits.

Notice and Choice of Physician
ALL INJURIES/ILLNESSES, no matter how small, must be reported immediately to the supervisor of the injured employee and to the Director of Health Services (University Nurse). An accident report will be completed in full by the nurse. If the nurse is not on duty at the time of the accident, then a safety officer should be contacted. He/she will contact the appropriate substitute for the nurse and the substitute will complete the Accident Report. The original Accident Report must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources within 24 hours of the accident or the next business day. Good insurance service is contingent on adequate notice of claims and the cooperation of the injured employee.

When an accident occurs during regular business hours, the supervisor on duty or the safety officer on duty should contact the nurse and refer the injured employee to the nurse for medical evaluation/treatment. The nurse or designee will evaluate the person’s injuries and will provide any immediate medical treatment necessary. If the nurse determines additional medical treatment is necessary, he/she will refer the injured employee to the appropriate medical facility. Below is a provider directory.

Depending upon circumstances, follow-up referrals will be based upon medical need, complexity and the proximity of the injured employee’s place of residence to the medical provider. The injured employee should contact the Director of Health Services (University Nurse) for questions or clarification of diagnosis or treatment. Transportation costs to and from medical treatment will be reimbursed by worker’s compensation insurance.

The law places responsibility for furnishing the physician and any other medical care on the employer. Some emergency treatment physicians or providers are not familiar with the employer’s right and duty to designate the treating physician or other medical provider, and therefore they may advise employees to see their family physician or to be off work. Treatment that is not authorized by Manchester University for any work related injury or occupational disease will be the responsibility of the employee and not that of the University. Employees have the right to see a physician or medical provider of their choice in addition to those provided by the University, at their own expense. If an employee refuses to accept the medical treatment provided by Manchester University, workers compensation benefits may be suspended.

Injured employees who receive medical treatment at the Manchester Clinic should have their prescription filled and charged at CVS Pharmacy in North Manchester. For proper claims processing one must receive a form from the Director of Health Services (University Nurse) prior to filling prescriptions. Employees should not use their prescription card from the group health insurance plan.

Time Off of Work Due to a Worker’s Compensation Injury/Illness
In order for time off to be excused due to a work related injury, the restrictions and/or disability must be verified in writing by the treating physician. Restrictions on work activity must also be in writing from the treating physician. The Office of Human Resources should be informed as soon as possible if an employee will be off work due to a work related injury or illness.

When an employee is injured while working and must leave work for a medical treatment or due to the seriousness of the injury, the employee will be paid for hours missed on that day, according to their scheduled hours up to a maximum of eight hours. The process for compensation for any additional time off following the first day of injury is as follows:

1. The employee may choose to use available vacation, sick or personal time, or choose unpaid time for the seven days following the accident. Employees must indicate this choice by sending an email or note to the Benefits Administrator in Human Resources and notifying their supervisor.

2. Worker’s Compensation pays at at sixty-six and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the employee’s regular wages and begins the eighth day following the accident. In addition, employee sick time, if available, is coordinated with worker’s compensation to total one hundred percent (100%) of wages.

3. If an employee remains off work at least 21 days following the work related injury, worker’s compensation will provide sixty-six and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the employee’s wages for the first seven days of the employee’s absence due to this injury. The sick, vacation or personal time taken for the six days following the accident will be reduced by the amount of benefits available from worker’s compensation and the accumulated hours of benefit time will be adjusted accordingly.

Provider Directory
(In order of preference)


Manchester Clinic
1104 N. Wayne St.
North Manchester, Ind.
Hours: 8-11:45, 1-4:45, M-F

US Healthworks Medical Group
US 3151 E. Center St.
Warsaw, Ind.
Hours: 8-5, M-F


1415 Flaxmill Rd.
Huntington, Ind.
Hours: 8-8 M-F, 8-2, Sat & Sun


Kosciusko Community Hospital
2101 Dubois Dr.
Warsaw, Ind.

Wabash County Hospital
710 N. East St.
Wabash, Ind.

Lutheran Hospital
7950 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Fort Wayne, Ind.


CVS Pharmacy
302 E. Main St.
North Manchester, Ind.

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