Student Life

Black Student Union


: Tuesdays 8:30 p.m.
: Intercultural Center (unless otherwise noted)


  • For members to feel like OMA is a second home while they make their adjustment to college as a whole
  • To educate about African American history and culture
  • To encourage and promote the University's commitment to diversity

Signature Events

Stoplight Dance
Expressions (Open Mic Night)
Black History Month
Black & White Affair

E-Board (2017-18)
President: Lacey Carr
Vice President:
Charise Samuel 
Taylor Gandy 
Fotini Kristuli 
Director of Events:
Ruth Woldemichael
Director of Social Media: Jayla Sharp
Winners of:
2016 Organization of the Year
2015 Organization of the Year
2004 Commencement Program of the Year Celebration of Brown vs. Board of Education 
2003 Innovation  
1999 Diversity Program of the Year Heritage Celebration Week 
1999 Spiritual Program of the Year Heritage Celebration Week 
1994 Outstanding Dedication and Commitment to Public Service 
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